Research Article

Treatment of pilonidal sinus with primary closure. A simple and effective method.

  • Bulent Kaya
  • Yalım Uçtum
  • Abdülmuttalip Şimşek
  • Rıza Kutaniş

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2010;20(2):59-65


The objective of this study is to determine the short and long term results of pilonidal sinus after excision and primary closure.


The study is conducted prospectively at Vakıf Gureba Training and Research Hospital, 3. General Surgery Department between January 2008 and January 2010. The medical records of 162 patients operated due to pilonidal sinus with primary closure technique were studied. Collected data about patient’s age, sex, operation details, duration of hospitalization, postoperative pain and complications, wound healing time and time to return to work, complaints on incision site and recurrence rates were evaluated.


There were 145 (89.5 %) men and 17 (10.5 %) women with a mean mean age of 23.7 years (range, 15-54 years). Mean operation time was 21.48 minute (range, 15-45 minute). Mean duration of hospitalization was 1.11 day (range, 1-4 day). There were wound infection in 20 patients (12.3%), hematoma in 2 patients (1.2%) and seroma in 2 patients (1.2 %).Four patients with wound dehiscence were managed with dressing and antibiotheraphy. The mean follow-up time was 12 months (range, 2-24 months). The recurrence rate was 7.4%. The operation result was excellent for 86 patients, good for 24, fair for 46 and bad for 6 patients.


The primary closure is a simple technique with minimal postoperative pain and good wound healing. It has also other advantages such as early return to work and low recurrence rates. It can be prefered method in pilonidal sinus surgery.

Keywords: Pilonidal sinus, primary closure