Case Report

The Place of Laparotomy for Diagnosis and Cure in Two Cases with Colonic Lymphoma

  • Süleyman Burhan Yılmaz
  • Hakan Buluş
  • Salih Tuncal
  • Sibel Gelecek
  • Ali Coşkun

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2009;19(4):178-180

Lymphoma is at the third rank in the frequency list of colon cancers. It forms %0.65 of colon cancers. Most of the phenomenons are over 50. When early diagnosis cannot be achieved, complications can be seen and emergency operation can be also necessary. In this article, two phenomenons with colonic lymphoma, in which preoperative diagnosis could not be made, are presented.

Keywords: Colonic lymphoma, Lymphoma, Colon cancer