Original Article

The Factors Affecting Mortality and Morbidity of Mechanical Bowel Obstructions due to Colorectal Pathologies and Surgical Treatment Options


Turk J Colorectal Dis 2008;18(1):7-13


In our study, patients with acute mechanical intestinal obstruction due to colorectal patologies were evaluated retrospectively. The effects of variations about the patients on the morbidity and mortality rates were investigated in the postoperative period and the surgical treatment methods were reviewed.


74 patients who had emergent operation because of colorectal pathology related acute mechanical obstruction retrospectively investigated. Influences on morbidity and mortality of variables such as age, sex, comorbidal diseases, pathological nature of the obstructing lesion, time extent between the onset of symptoms and hospital administration, degree of peritonitis caused by fecal contamination, operation type analyzed.


45 of the patients were male and 29 of patients were female. The mean age was 63.03 (28-88). The most frequent cause of the obstruction was colorectal cancer (50%), which is followed by volvulus (22.9%) and urogenital malignancies invading colon (10.8%). 18 patients developed compications. The most common complication was wound infection (9.45%). It was followed by pulmonary complications such as pulmonary infection and atelectasis (8.1%). During in hospital care 15 patients died (20.2%). All of the patients that died had one or more comorbid diseases. Effect of age, sex, pathological nature of the cause of the obstruction, degree of fecal contamination and time extent between onset of symptoms and hospital administration on the mortality and morbidity rate are statistically insignificant (p>0.05). Yet, presence of comorbidal diseases are statistically significant (p<0.05).


It is concluded that during the asessment and treatment of the patients suffering from colorectal related mechanical obstruction, it is crucial to take patient factors into the consideration.

Keywords: Colon-rectum, Mechanical bowel obstruction, Morbidity, Mortality