Case Report

The Case of Recurrent Perianal Abscess That Develops Due to Sacral Tuberculosis

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2010;20(3):143-146

This study presents the case of Recurrent Perianal Abscess that develops due to Sacral Tuberculosis, treated in our clinic. According to World Health Organization (WHO), one third (1/3) of world population is under the threat of tuberculosis. Moreover, the increase in cases who reach hospitals with atypical symptoms necessitates being informed and cautious about the different manifestations of tuberculosis. In recurrent perianal abscess cases, also by taking the increasing frequency of tuberculosis into consideration, tuberculosis should primarily be kept in mind for preventing the complications that might develop due to delay in diagnosis.

Keywords: Recurrent Perianal Abscess, Tuberculosis, Hard Diagnosis.