Case Report

Giant fecaloma in a 16-year-old boy: case report

  • Aykut Soyder
  • Hedef Özgün

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2012;22(4):160-163

Fecaloma is characterized by a hardened large mass of feces frequently localized in sigmoid colon and rectum and is difficult to discharge. Fecaliths, stagnating and hardening by time, may cause intestinal obstruction, ulcer development and colonic wall perforation. Fecalith induced intestinal obstructions are commonly observed in elder aged patients disabled, bedridden with chronic disorders. We present the case of a 16-year-old boy who admitted to emergency service with complaints of inability to defecate. This is a rare case on late adolescence who was managed succesfully by conservative measures of evacuation for a localized giant fecaloma in rectum.

Keywords: Fecaloma, colonic obstruction, medical treatment