Case Report

Endoscopic dilatation of benign colon anastomotic stricture: A case report

  • Hayrullah Derici

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2010;20(3):134-138

One of the most frequent complications of colo rectal surgery are benign anastomotic strictures. They may occur with a frequency of 5%-22%. Endoscopic interventions have become the preferred first-intention treatment for postoperative large bowel strictures. In this study, a case of severe anastomotic stricture of the colon with nonspecific symptoms which endoscopic balloon dilatation was performed is presented. A 44-years old female patient presented with abdominal pain and loss of weight. She had undergone segmental resection of the transverse colon due to giant villous adenoma. Colonoscopy showed anastomotic stricture at the hepatic flexura. Although anastomosis site was nearly total obstructed, endoscopic balloon dilatation could be performed. Endoscopic balloon dilatation has been used since 1985 for treatment in colorectal strictures. It is minimaly invasive, has high success rate, can be performed safely under visual control, it can be performed repeatedly, and hospitalization is not necessary.

Keywords: Colorectal surgery, anostomotic stricture, balloon dilatation.