Case Report

Desmoid Tumor of Anterior Abdominal Wall


  • Altan Aydın
  • Hakan Bulus
  • Alper Yavuz
  • Ayhan Akpınar
  • Ali Coskun

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2011;21(1):31-35

Desmoid tumors are mesenchymal tumors that tend to grow slowly. They occur more common in women and between the ages of 25-40. Instead of making distant metastases they grow locally and cause morbidity and mortality related to the destruction of adjacent organs. They are most frequently seen on the anterior abdominal wall and the proximal extremities. Local recurrence rate is high. Wide excision with negative surgical margins is the basis of the treatment. We present a 30 year old female who admitted to our department with a mass on the anterior abdominal wall and was diagnosed as desmoid tumor following laboratory and imaging studies.

Keywords: Desmoid tumors, Abdominal Wall, Surgical Treatment