Research Article

Endoscopic Management of Colonic Strictures

  • Bahadır Ege
  • Sezai Leventoğlu
  • Tolga Dinç
  • Merter Gülen
  • Bülent Menteş

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2014;24(3):81-85


Intestinal obstruction-one of the important cause of the emergency abdomen surgery- is complet or incomplet passage of the intestinal content through the distal parts of the gastrointestinal system. Aim of this study is to discuss our outcomes of colonic dilatation and stent application that was performed to the colonic stenosis with the literature.


15 patients who undervent colonic stenting or balloon dilatation cause of obstructive rectum cancer or stenosis caused by radiotheraphy. Balloon dilatation was performed to the patients with the diagnosis of colonic stenosis; stent was applied to the patients with malignancy for preoperative preperation or palliation.


Mean age of the patients was 53,8. 8 (%53) of 15 patients were male, 7 (%47) patients were female. Balloon dilatation was performed to the 10 (%66) patients who have colonic stenosis. Of the 10 patients; 6 (%60) have stenosis caused by radiotheraphy for rectum cancer, 2 (%20) for cervix cancer, 1 (%10) for multiple myeloma and 1 (%10) for ischemic colitis. Stent application was performed to the 5 patients. 2 (%40) patients who underwent colonic stenting for preoperative preperation, 2 of them(%40) were the patients who have advanced level rectum ca. 1 patient who has applied stent for the stenosis after multiple balloon dilatation. There were no complication with the procedures.


Balloon dilatation that is performed for the treatment of colonic stenosis is rapid, minimal invasive, cost effective, repetitius and successful technic with high treatment and low complication rates. Stent procedure is not only an effectice technic for paliation of advanced level of rectum cancer but also for the preperation of curetive treatment of obstructive tumors before elective surgery.

Keywords: Balloon dilatation, Colonic stent, Colonic stenosis